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Holding On? or Letting Go?

June 2019 will mark the next anniversary of me walking out on a highly successful, hugely enjoyable and very well-paid job. However I knew the time was right for me to pursue my dream. Letting go of all that employment security and familiarity felt very scary.


I had to let go of the rope.

Several years on,

What do I miss? The competitive hustle and bustle of the commercial sale, and some amazing team mates.

What don’t I miss? The politics, the nonsense and the naysayers.

What i’ve realised: That the rope wasn’t security, it wasn’t holding me up, supporting me or keeping me safe. I was doing that for myself, and I still am.

The rope was my employer. My job. My noose. I was holding it up, I was supporting it. The rope needed me, not the other way around. When I let go of the rope, I didn’t fall, I was freed.

What am I doing now? Well most recently i’ve developed a new website ( to answer that question. Please do take a look and feel free to comment, share or like, or not.

And, if you are holding onto a rope, take a very close look at what it’’s connected to and why.