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Paul Roebuck

Paul Roebuck

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Who am I?

Who am I?

First and foremost I’m a Dad, Son, Husband, Sibling, Friend, Confidant, Ally and Fellow-Journey-Person. Here are my professional roles:

Counsellor / Therapist:
You’ll be assured of a warm welcome and confidential place to get to the bottom of, and overcome what’s troubling you.

I pay attention to people’s behaviour for a living. In the counselling chair, at my events, and through painstakingly monitoring developments in Neuropsychology.

Mind Coach:
Improving mental and emotional wellbeing by teaching emotional education (EQ) classes in the public and private sector and to the general public.

Speaking, Presenting & Training:
Think Brian Cox for granularity mixed with Tony Robbins for Passion. Delivered in the style of Norman Wisdom.

Public Service:
Ambassador of the Mouth Cancer Foundation, and an NHS University Hospitals Coventry and Warwick Care in the Community Volunteer.

Three Things about me:
I’m a lifelong Huddersfield Town fan.
I once had cocktails with Michael Jackson.
My cat is called Felix.

My Life’s Purpose:
To help people realise their real potential and lead rewarding and fulfilling lives.

How: By improving mental and emotional wellbeing in society, the workplace, at home.