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Drowning in anxiety?

“Try not to worry”

People say that all the time.  They hope it reassures.  

Telling someone who’s anxious not to worry is like asking someone who’s drowning not to drink the water. 


Here’s an alternative suggestion

Suggest to them to visualise their anxiety is in a drinking glass.  A glass brimming to the rim.  Careful not to spill a drop.  

And whenever they feel peak anxiety they should carefully put their glass down just out of reach on the table just behind them.  A right handed person should visualise the table to their right. And vice versa. 

They must visualise doing it fully, precisely and completely.  Picking up their glass, locating the table, turning, putting the glass carefully down. On the table behind them.  Don’t spill a drip. 

Then turning back to whatever they were doing or thinking about before the peak of their anxiety. 

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