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How to print the Limbic System in 3D.

Printing of the Limbic System in 3D is really straightforward and are detailed in full below  


To understand more about the role this structure plays in human behaviour please check

Here are all the instructions for printing this model in 3D

1.  Download the 3D print file here.

2.  The above file seems to have some minor anomalies with the colours (left and right hand side not completely consistent). These can easily be recoloured using the 3D Paint app which is native on Windows10.

3. If you open this file with the Paint App in Windows It may offer you the option  to print via a third party print company   It does so in the UK.

4.  For printing I recommend a company based in Europe and whom ship worldwide.  Upload the file to their site, select the material type (choose multicolour), set the length of the object to 85mm.  The model will arrive a couple of weeks later. 

5.  The original print file costs $15.  Printing in full size is $100 plus delivery.   The printing can also be done at 50% of size to create a lower cost, but equally impactful model. 

6.  Download this image below so you’ll have your own full description of the anatomy 


To learn more about the part the limbic system plays in human behaviour please visit this link