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Artistic Therapy

Art has its place in Therapy and I use it from time to time when necessary/appropriate.

 Here is a self-portrait someone did who didn't realise they had some anger issues.


 At their core was the unexpected loss of a parent at a young age (the death circle), in their chest and heart was a feeling of continuous criticism and family secrets (leading to a not-good-enough personality).

 Most noticeable for me is the pain the the throat and yet they have no mouth to be able to express the painful memories. In their eyes they see fear and sadness, or are they eyes a window to their soul.

 The anger shows in the forehead, an ashen brow, but it boils up into rage.

 No need to worry, their keeping a lid on it (the hat), but its slowly spilling out, raining down on others they care for.

 Published with the full consent of the artist/client.