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Over-ness (verb)

The necessity to do, be, and have more
— Paul Roebuck.

A new word for your vocabulary.

It embodies many characteristics including: Never satisfied. Always needing more.  Perfectionism. Excess. Never good enough. Must.

It often presents itself through material possessions. financial wealth, power, positional significance and notoriety, to name but a few.

Over-ness is the striving insatiable urge which seemingly drives so many famous people.

Elon Musk? Who recently  spoke of working 16 hours a day in the Tesla factory and sleeping there.

Donald J. Trump?

Jobs? Bezos? Branson?  

Football stars. Pop stars.  

Me.  You.  Your parents. Your partner.  Spouse.  Sibling.  Boss.  Colleague.  Competitor. Friend. 

But at what cost to their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and with what impact on others, especially those closest to them. 

The key word is necessity.  Underneath that word revels and drives the “why”

I’m not sure if it’s contagious, but if you've already caught it, there is a cure.