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Grief-Bacon (Kummerspeck) is stored emotion

Its not a suprise for you to hear that your emotions are stored in your fat deposits.

Anecdotal evidence:

"Comfort eating" is what often causes it to start to build up and certainly causes the build up to be maintained.  We are "comforting oursleves" eg maiking ourselves feel better.  The clue is in the FEEL word.  Feel is emotion.  So we eat to self sooth.

We often take on foods high in sugar at times of stress, this is becasue it released energy which we use to disipate the negative emotions.

It all amounts to GRIEF BACON and if you can express the stored emotion its a little like a enema, you can get out the negative emotion, and associated beleifs then you will find the Grief Bacon disipates (provicing of course you burn more calories than you put in to start with.  

I offer two options for the treatment of negative emotions.  Option 1 is Timeline Therapy which uses a combination of 3 simple but hugely effective techniques to stop an unconscious behaviour.  Option 2 is a course of Emotional Therapy which will often help heal more deeply rooted wounds.

Either way time to slice off that Bacon ...